Cookies privacy policy

Cookie privacy policy
In order to ensure convenience and the best quality of service, we use a functionality called „cookies”. Below you will find detailed information about this technology.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files sent by the server or online store application, saved on the Customer’s end device (e.g. computer, smartphone). They store information that the store needs for the proper operation of the service, such as ensuring the security of purchases, adapting the store to customer preferences, analytical or marketing data. Depending on the type, cookies are deleted after closing the browser (session files) or are saved on the device for a specified period of time.

What technologies called cookies do we use?

In the Online Store, we use technologies that store data on the end device for analytical and marketing purposes and to ensure the correct operation of the Store.

Who does the technology called cookies apply to?

Cookie technology (or functionality similar to cookies) is used every time a user, hereinafter referred to as the Customer, uses our services via the Application or Online Store, hereinafter referred to as the Store. These files are stored on the Customer’s device depending on the device’s preferences and settings, e.g. web browser settings.

Do cookies store personal data?

Cookies store various types of information, but as a rule they do not contain personal data and do not allow the identification of the Customer. However, some information in connection with the data provided in the Store during registration may become personal data. In the case of information collected by cookies that may be associated with a specific person, the provisions of the Privacy Policy relating to Personal Data apply, in particular the rights of the data subject.

The use of cookies is necessary for the proper operation of the Store, e.g. functionalities such as logging in, storing a basket, handling electronic payments or placing an order. We also use this technology to collect analytical and marketing information. Cookies help us, for example, prepare special offers

Types of cookies

Cookies can be divided in several ways. The most frequently used criteria allow for division according to:

  • Session cookies – files of this type identify the user during an ongoing visit to the website. Thanks to them, it is possible, for example, to log in securely to the Store and are necessary to handle the purchasing process. Session cookies are stored in volatile memory and are not saved in permanent memory (e.g. hard drive). After closing the Application or web browser, session cookies are automatically deleted.
  • Persistent cookies – files that have a specific expiration time. They make using frequently visited websites more user-friendly, for example, remembering the selected location and language of the store.

Purpose of using information stored in cookies:

Cookies necessary for the operation of the service – most often they are session cookies. Thanks to them, it is possible, for example, to log in, operate the basket or finalize the purchasing process.

Analytical and diagnostic cookies – this type of cookies allows measuring the number of visits to the Store, interest in a specific product group, popularity of visited websites or preferences regarding the presented content. Thanks to them, we can prepare an optimal offer for our customers and measure the quality and efficiency of the Store.

Marketing cookies – used to ensure high-quality advertising content and adapt it to user preferences by us and our partners. Thanks to them, you can prevent the same promotions, products or events from appearing again.

Can I manage cookies on my device?

Most web browsers allow you to view, delete and manage cookie settings.

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